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  1. Wow, I never knew they've met before. Great pic I love everyone's expressions!

  2. For one, the writing of Samus' character went through/should have gone through various institutional checks and oversight.
    You're really overestimating the amount of oversight that goes into game development. Chances are good it was the work of a dozen people, at most, who thought it would be a good story.
    Personally I understand it as indicating that Sarkeesian's wishes for more interesting female characters and the interests of the mass market of games consumers are more alike than either the latter might admit, but that's probably going to be controversial to say here.
    I think the bulk of the backlash was because Samus was an established character who, apparently, right before the events of Other M, suffered severe and unreported brain damage resulting in a major personality change. If it had been a new franchise, you wouldn't have heard a lot about it . . . it's just that the game wouldn't have sold either, because even ignoring the writing, it flat-out wasn't a good game.

  3. Holy cow good catch. This makes the whole thing so much more depressing.