Social Media

Fast becoming an acceptable mainstream way to interact with your client base. It’s not suitable for all industries and you need to allow time for it to be successful. It’s a powerful and instant connection with your clients if done correctly.  Not sure, don’t know or can’t be bothered doing it yourself, then that’s where I can help – I find out about you, your business and the personalities involved and let your audience interact in a positive way.

Creating a social media presence is more than just having a facebook page, it involves regular posting of content, overlapping on several platforms (twitter, instagram and others) and making the content relevant and interesting. Several options are available for this and it’s about finding the right option for your business.

Running a successful and effective social media campaign is a long term strategy to engage with your clients – sometimes it’s done fantastically, and other times it’s a disaster. Using my sales experience combined with my knowledge of social media platforms, I can be the ‘ghost writer’ behind the scenes, saving you time, energy and avoid the pitfalls.