While it is easy for me to talk about myself, I’d rather you hear about it from some people I’ve worked with before. Here is a sample of what they had to say about me:

Phillipa Shurmer – Red Paris

“Red Paris employed Alison to assist with sales mentoring for both the sales representative and the management team.  She prompted, prodded and motivated the entire team with strategies and processes which made the work load considerably less daunting and enjoyable.

Alison also provided fantastic guidance for social media posts and updates that enabled our followers to connect with our company on a more professional basis which in turn created a greater trust in our product. I would highly recommend Alison for either sales mentoring or social media management”.

Jan Woitek & Lisa Willert – Everybody’s Butchery

“We have worked together with Alison right from the start of our business.  Her professional help, friendly personality and focus on what brings customers into our shop are the greatest contributors to our presences on Facebook and Twitter. We could see customer engagement and positive exposure of Everybody’s Butchery right from the start and would certainly miss if Alison didn’t call in and have a chat with us about everything that is going on a weekly basis”.

Wayne Johnstone – Connetics

“I believe Alison has a number of attributes that will make her successful in business, including strong relationship building skills, an excellent sales background, and a passion to achieve to a high level in any task she undertakes.  I would not hesitate to use Alison’ services in the future if the opportunity arises and am happy to recommend her to others on this basis.”

Kelvin Nolly – Canterbury Museum

“Alison has a number of exceptional personal strengths and relates to a wide circle of people via her interpersonal skills. She is totally reliable and responsible and demonstrates maturity. Given her background Alison has acquired and enhanced a number of special skills which well suit her to her present role.  I wish her well with her business, which will be a success and have referred her to a number of my close associates who have quite diverse businesses.”

Geoff Hodson – General Cable

“I’’ve have had the pleasure of knowing Alison on a professional level for around 8 years. Nothing is too much trouble for Alison, she is always cheerful, is readily able to tune into a client’s needs and comes up with some excellent ideas. Alison makes the business of doing business much easier and delivers over and above one’s expectations. As a success mentor she is patient, encouraging and has a genuine desire to enable others to be the best they can be. Thanks Alison – It’s great to have this kind of support.  I would highly recommend Alison for your success mentoring.”

Mike Smith – DressSmart Hornby

“I have always found Alison to establish an outstanding rapport with Dress-Smart as a client, her uncanny ability to know what we as a client wants before I tell her makes me as a customer feel comfortable with her. Her flexibility also allows her to quickly switch tactics if the customer changes their mind about something at the last minute, as I have done from time to time.  Alison has always conducted herself in a professional manager in all deals with me and Dress-Smart which gives me full conference in recommending Alison or her company to you.”

Chris Whiting – Armourguard Security

“I am writing  to provide a character reference for Alison Poulter.  I have known and worked with Alison for nearly 4 years.  During the time I worked with Alison, I became very familiar with Alison’s personality and work ethic.  I have great respect for Alison and feel that Alison would be an asset to any organisation.  Alison’s willingness to help co-workers, integrity and sheer determination are some of her key strengths.  I feel certain that the experience you have with Alison will be similar to what I observed during the time we worked together.”

Dean McCondach – ex colleague

“Her constant contact with the clients and her strong understanding of the environment the clients are working in is invaluable in ensuring the business grows and the goals are achieved or exceeded.  Alison would be a great asset to any business and her knowledge and skills would assist in getting the best results for them.”